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The Faults - The Faults

The Faults

The Faults


Released: 20th June 2011 | 5 track new prog ep
The Faults are a rock and roll band from North London. They have influences from all genres of music but clearly draw a lot of inspiration from the great guitar based bands of generations gone by. The Faults are unique in today's market in that they don't all play synthesizers and wear fluorescent makeup / went to a performing arts school or wear jeans so tight that their balls are actually considered a part of their stomach - no. The Faults were all brought together through the good old way of one man moving to London, putting up some adverts around the local music shops (and some internet posts - well you've gotta move with the times) and finding a bunch of lads who all share the same passion for big, live, passionate, enjoyable music that reminds you of being at a festival with your mates, supping countless beers out of papercups whilst trying (and failing) to crowd surf. In short, The Faults are the band that remind you how good things can be. Regulars on the Uk live circuit and ones to watch!