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TNT Jackson - Across The Towers
CD Album
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TNT Jackson

Across The Towers


Released: 1st October 2007 | 12 track album
Surrounded by an air of mystery, TNT Jackson never divulge their true identities, and instead go simply by T, N, and T. With an ever-changing band biography (legend has it they found friendship in a near-fatal plane crash over Estonia) and a penchant for matching uniforms, TNT Jackson marry boyish charm with a genuine air of coolness. Across The Towers is an album of and for the heart, centered on longing and reflection.TNT Jackson haven taken their music to a deeper level. While recording, the tape was left to simply run on, allowing the band a more dreamy and fluid approach. The first single, Leaving Out Vowels Is So 2000, playfully references their debut album and on the hard-partying Pushit, Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos gives a shout-out to Salt'N'Pepa's '90s hit as he finds himself in dire straits, without cigarettes, at a festival in the south of Europe. The most ambitious and refined work of their careers yet, Across The Towers is a love letter to the city. Whatever city you find yourself listening to this album in, TNT Jackson's music expresses the feelings of longing, excitement, and hope that unite us all, across the towers. As the band says: It's important to us that anything's possible.