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Various Artists - Min Bror Kollokungen (Original TV Soundtrack)

Various Artists

Min Bror Kollokungen (Original TV Soundtrack)

Frid & Frid

Released: 16th February 2016 | 27 track tv soundtracks album

This is the original soundtrack album to accompany the Swedish National TV drama series Min Bor Kollokungen.

The series is based around 12-year-old Sonj, her family and her relationship with her brother Harry, who has autism. The family rents a cottage and the series follows the group over their summer break during which time Sonjarealises that we all have special needs, just some more than others.

The soundtrack features tracks by Swedish artists Lucas Nord and Rasmus Faber featuring Frida Sundemo in addition to the score and theme tunes written and produced by the Stockholm based brothers Karl Frid and Pär Frid.