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Faze Action - Stratus Energy

Faze Action

Stratus Energy

Faze Action Records

Released: 1st June 2009 | 11 track funky house album
Here we have the new Album from Faze Action Stratus Energy. Faze action burst onto the scene in the late 90s with their undeground hit In the Trees here they return to form with this clasic disco album , full of downtempo Balearic wonders and Future spacey disco classics .Including radio play across the board from the likes of The BBC,NME, Kiss,Galaxy and many more through out the world. Including a massive range of DJ support from Dave Lee aka Joey Negro, Peter Kruder (A Beautifully Produced Disco Album), Pete Herbert (Reverso 68) Love it, A future Classic, Ray Mang, Idjut Boys, Gerry Rooney (Black Cock),Soft Rocks, Horse Meat Disco, Social Disco Club, Bill Brewster,Queens Of Noize,and many moore.Don't miss out on the disco album of the year.