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The Shack - One & Only EP

The Shack

One & Only EP

Faze Action Records

Released: 9th January 2012 | 5 track nu-disco single
The Shack (aka Guy and Dan Williams) return victoriously after slaying dance floors all summer with their hugely successful “Touch it†EP. This time “The Shack†give us a heavy bass lead track entitled “One & Only†with Ago Ago Bells and a Vocal which gives a clear nod to early 80’s New York. Next up is “Shack Attackâ€. More suited to the bigger room but still useful for a late night after hours soiree. With a catchy vocal, nagging synth line and hint of arpeggiators. Faze Action deliver their take on “One and Onlyâ€, building synth parts over the original bass line and taking it into a more dubby disco area. Whether you’re entering the main room booth or playing at a friends sleazy after hours bash this EP will be at the front of your box. Will play this alot ! Cosmonauts NICE!!!!! Eric (Rub n Tug) Ooh yeah, more top flavors from the FAR camp. Loving all mixes of 'One & Only' but the uplifting nature of 'Shack Attack' is the choice cut for me... muchas respeck and full support this end. JW :oD Justin Winks (Casio Social Disco Club/Mulletover) all real gems but Shack Attack is killing it Yamwho? (Ism) Faze mixes for me. Rocky (Xpress2) Great tracks....bravo I like also Faze Action dub version of One and only Severino (Horsemeat Disco) Nice one Tim Sweeney (Beats in Space) great for the lovebox podcast, love the Faze mix Tom Findlay (Groove Armada/Lovebox) Slamin business!! will be giving these a right hammering Pete Herbert The Faze Action mix moves me! Dj Alex from Tokyo