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Andromeda Orchestra

Take Me High EP

Faze Action Records

Released: 2nd March 2015 | 4 track nu-disco ep

Andromeda Orchestra is the brainchild of one half of celebrated disco production duo, Faze Action. Having produced all kinds of dance music under the Faze Action banner, with Andromeda Orchestra it is perpetually a swirling, high stepping disco from 1978 and this new EP is a worthy follow up to 2011's Sensitive EP that featured a Pete Herbert edit.

Take Me High, kicks off the dusty groove with added vocals from Dos Palos (Robin Lee and Ed Begley), giving the high gloss a distinctive west coast flavour, featuring an uplifting chorus that is sure to create a euphoric and ecstatic buzz on the dance floor before slamming the crowd back into an effortless groove. The Rudy's Midnight Machine remix takes the original and gives it a modern twist with proto house and Balearic flourishes, whilst maintaining the uplifting nature of the original.

Next up is Kano Line Dance, which takes the ever-eclectic nature of disco into African territory. With influences such as Bunny Mack, John Ozilla and Osibisa, this mid tempo chugger features dreamy Solina strings, live bass and guitar and percussion that belies a tough rhythm, designed for liberated dancing.

Finally, Solonoid invites you to, once again, enjoy that unlikely combination of disco and cello found on many Faze Action records. String orchestras are a common feature on many a disco record from yesteryear and with Andromeda Orchestra at least the tradition is set to continue.