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Faze Action - To the Sunset & Beyond

Faze Action

To the Sunset & Beyond

Faze Action Records

Released: 24th July 2015 | 15 track nu-disco album

Faze Action are the brothers that are working it out

Recently named as the number one Nu Disco/Indie Dance artists of 2014 by Traxsource,It's their unique knack for taking timeless sounds from the past and reinventing them for future generations that makes Faze Action what it is. Add to that a mixture of elements from disco, classical, Latin and jazz with house music sensibilities, keeps the forward-thinking brothers ahead of the curve.

To The Sunset & Beyond Vol. 1 features some of the more Balearic selections from their ever-growing discography of five critically acclaimed albums that include collaborations with Vanessa Freeman, Zeke Manyika, Andre Espeut, Mary Moore and Christopher Woodhouse. From the sunny Afro-disco of Kariba to the sandy groove of I Wanna Dancer via way of the deep soul of Heartbeat and Balearic fuelled synth workout that is Horizons, this exploration of Faze Action's island night life sensibilities is both evocative and inspiring and includes the fabled cello led classic known as In The Trees.