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Various Artists

Late Night Essentials, Vol. 1

Faze Action Records

Released: 2nd December 2016 | 18 track nu-disco album

This collection features tracks from the Faze Action Records back catalogue that have one thing in common; they are all aimed squarely at the dance floor. Faze Action brothers Simon and Robin Lee have always managed to flit between a broad range of styles. During their career they have been labelled as the duo that made disco acceptable again whilst simultaneously flirting with Latin and African rhythms and what some might call the Balearic sound. The label (FAR) is no exception.

Rudy's Midnight Machine kicks off the proceedings with Open To Your Love, an invitation featuring the dulcet tones of Mary Moore. This opening tracks muscular bass and classic house beats set the tone for the rest of the compilation that journey's through fresh sounding, early Faze Action productions, tough boogie sounds from Del Strange, the warmth of Sho Gone Deep, the deep edge of Miss Cheesecake and powerful hooks and riffs of The Shack.

Tied together with weighty four to the floor kicks and cutting hi hats this collection includes remixes by Eric Dunks Duncan, Paradise '89, Rudy's Midnight Machine, S T House and Sho Gone Deep. The Faze Action brothers are often heard playing tracks in this collection and some have rumoured to be included in their irrepressible live shows. Don't miss.