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Rudy's Midnight Machine

Midnight Safari EP

Faze Action Records

Released: 4th May 2018 | 5 track ambient ep

Robin Lee takes a break from his day job as Faze Action to slip into the occasional Rudy's Midnight Machine alias for this outing on his own label. It's a mellow, atmospheric ride into pastures you wouldn't normally associate with Faze Action, although Midnight Safari is smooth and luxurious enough to feel right in any context. In The Air has a mysterious air to it, helped in no small part by the evocative Eastern lilt of the strings running through the centre of the track. There's a sassy boogie step powering Reach Backless, while Windchimes flips the script with a semi-ambient live bass reverie. It's back to the party one last time with Solar Plex though - this record is about synthy funk first and foremost.

"The Balearic leanings of Faze Action`s Robin Lee, surface once again, under his Rudy`s Midnight Machine alias. Producing music inspired by classic Euro Disco, like Mascara`s Baja, and classy Italo, such as Byron`s Too Much. If you`re looking for musical comparisons from this century, check Phil Mison`s Noche Espanola 12s, and Max Essa`s catalogue. In The Air and Windchimes are two Ambient shorts. One mixing Electro-oscillations with cello. The strings, a nudge and a wink towards Faze Action`s past. The other a jazzy Dune Tune. Solar Plex fuses Samba rhythms to steel pan and Wally Badarou-timbred keys. Scratchy Funk and live bass runs. Something very similar to the chimes of the aforementioned Too Much raining in the background, while clattering Peech Boys percussion engulfs the uptempo Reach Backless. Stevie`s Superstition riff joining D Train / Rockers Revenge synths, and an Extra Ts guitar lick. All eventually making way for the piano, which dominates its second half. Solos characterising each of the tracks. Demonstrating that someone here can really play"
Dr Rob, BanBanTonTon
Jimmy The Twin
DJ Nova, Rodon FM
Faze Action, Soho Radio
Peter Visti