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Shogone Deep

Groundwork EP

Faze Action Records

Released: 29th June 2018 | 2 track nu-disco ep

Previously you would've come across the Shogone Deep nom de plume on remixes of Faze Action tunes from their Stratus Energy LP era, with a notable version of Good Lovin'. Also on remixes of Rudy's Midnight Machine ft Zeke Manyika and as an exclusive on the Time By Your Side campaign.

Shogone Deep is something a little different from camp Faze Action. Better known for more organic sounding Disco productions, here we find Faze Action brother Robin Lee under the Shogone Deep banner. The Groundwork EP is all about analogue synths, modular sequencers and immediate, but economic, melodic hooks.

Stepping away from multi-layered content, this Shogone Deep EP delves into more electronic sounding bass lines. Groundwork features a riffing synth bass line that under pins hot ecstasy synth strings, bubbling arpeggios and a distinctive piano hook that hints at the blues whilst managing to stay firmly on the high voltage, electronic side of the dance floor.

Silkworm takes up the mantle where Groundwork leaves off by taking us on a slightly more warped journey. Analogue bass lines morph and grow subtly around an arrangement that intensifies and refuses to let up the pressure.