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Herb LF - Decades EP
12" Vinyl
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Herb LF

Decades EP


Released: 15th September 2017 | 4 track house ep

Always with a dope groove & big basslines, Herb LF tunes have always been influential and musically a few steps ahead. Herb LF solo or him being part of the projects Westpark Unit, Gush Collective, Discoshit & more, there are way too much releases to mention in the last two decades.

His knowledge & production skills also made him to one of the most sought after Mastering engineers. Freude Am Tanzen, Frank Music, Musik Krause, Quartet Series, Troubled Kids and lots more labels & artists like the xtra-dope final touch in their music, carefully mastered by Herb LF in his Düsseldorf based Nordstadt FM studio.

Please welcome the Decades EP via Farside Records.

Where are the Young Men? is a huge soulful & epic tune, but also a reminiscence to the early 80s Punk/Wave era. Check the groove & bassline, even with a dosis of boom bap vibe inside for ecstatic moves on your dancefloor.

Henry L & Ingo Sänger try a different perspective on the Punk/Wave attitude of Where are the Young Men? and add a little dosis of Funk, Disco & Detroit Techno to the tune. With a demanding groove & organic sounds, this is extra funky & takes you back to the vibes of the freestyle Summer of Love in 1989. Rave on…

Herb LFs Real Pong, Madrid has a demanding groove with beautiful spacey chords. This is as soulful as it gets and might be your secret weapon on a small basement floor, but should amazingly work on bigger sound systems as well.

The tune Air is breathing deep, phat & slow. Start or finish your night with this ambient monster tune or play it at home. Lots of fresh air guaranteed.