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Dookie Squad - Take You on a Walk Through Hell
12" Vinyl
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Dookie Squad

Take You on a Walk Through Hell

Fat Hop Records

Released: 3rd November 2014 | 4 track boom bap/nineties ep

The Dookie Squad met at School in 1988. BDP had just released By All Means Necessary and National Fresh was playing all the latest Hip Hop on Radio 1 courtesy of Jeff Young. Dook Tha Looper began lifting samples from Mr Memory's rare funk vinyl collection and creating rough beats whilst Mr. Memory and Alikazam wrote rhymes to go on top.

In early 1994 The Dookie Squad had their first tour of Germany courtesy of Blue Eyes (Mick Mott) playing Venues of 1000+ people and supported by other UK Hip Hop artists including Brain Child and Fixed Penalty.

In late 1994 their First EP, 6ft Under was released and feature D.J. Life (AKA Rob Life) and subsequently became a sought after UK classic with it's instantly recognisable JAWS' samples and hyperspeed lyrical flows

After 2000, things quietened down a little, life took over, families, jobs...... then in 2007 they set up a myspace (remember that) account and literally within 12 hours, they'd been booked for a gig in germany.. there followed more european missions and a renewed energy amongst the squad and finally, more records.. dope Hip Hop with their unmistakable fun and frantic edge, the dookies are gigging regularly again around the UK and beyond......... If you've not yet witnessed their fun packed live shows, then don't think twice - do this space for the follow up record to this, featuring some very special guests indeed !!