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Deep Space Orchestra - 10 4

Deep Space Orchestra

10 4

Fly By Night Music

Released: 9th June 2017 | 3 track detroit/u.s. techno ep

Deep Space Orchestra provide the meat with one fine remix courtesy Toby Tobias (Rekids // Tracky Bottoms)!

First of all we have The 10-4 Rule see DSO enter 90ʼs NY territory with a vibing garage bassline which feels authentically off-groove. Here they build it up slow with soft looped samples and vocal snips before stripping it right back and releasing that pure bass groove, which this time, comes seasoned with plenty of laid back percussive snap!

The remix here comes from Tracky Bottoms label boss Toby Tobias who creates a massive acid house stomper! Toby gives us plenty of pump here and saturates it generously with big room reverb and delays!

Keshik, a leftfield dub geared out with soft rhythmic arpeggios floating aside a thick, warm and mysterious synth patch. The drums provide the low end bounce below, whilst classic snares and claps roll high up top.