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291out - Ritorno ad Urania


Ritorno ad Urania

Fly By Night Music

Released: 17th November 2017 | 4 track jazz-funk ep

For Fly By Night Music's next excursion we have entered the realm of 291out, an ensemble dedicated to the unbound exploration of genre, who in partnership with Riccio have produced no less than four new and uniquely cinematic interpretations of their track Ritorno Ad Urania. Thematically inspired by Italian film compositions and 1970s progressive music, 291out are backboned by their experiences with audio visual production, and are fused with Jazz and Funk leanings. Urania, originally an electronic composition scored for the end credits of a short film and named after a legendary Italian Sci-Fi publication, was first heard by Riccio at Terraforma festival in 2015 in an altogether different guise under its radically changed live arrangement. Riccio, exhilarated by this performance, immediately requested to produce the track in this alternative second form.

The Main version is developed directly from the live arrangement of the track, highlighting a mysterious progression of soft horns and live drums before surprisingly turning to fusion territories with an upbeat jazz-funk flavoured bridge!

The Reprise simplifies things somewhat by breaking down Urania's theme into a single element - the Fender Rhodes hauntingly recapitulating Urania's key motifs solo, creating a stark and beautiful contrast from the original arrangement!

The Alternate cut provides Urania with a clear funk matrix, combining a more melodically upbeat instrumentation with sleazy wah - wah and frantic drums whilst making sure to leave plenty of room for guitar, horns and further Rhodes soloing!

Finally to end the e.p, the Western revision draws from the masters of spaghetti-western soundtracking, featuring an arrangement adapted for an echo and tremolo rich guitar lead; taking us on a hypnotic journey deep through the treacherous desert heat...