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LOWLOW - Lowdep EP
10" Vinyl
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Lowdep EP

Fly By Night Music

Released: 14th April 2014 | 2 track detroit/u.s. techno ep

Fly By Night Music keeps up the heat with this new 10 offering from Low Low. Once again it is limited, this time to 100 vinyl only copies, and comes with a beautiful letter pressed sleeve.

Over the past few years, LOWLOW has previously released on Seattle's Night Gallery and Millions of Moments and has proved himself adept at getting plenty of soul and meaning out of his array of analogue machines. This new EP is no different and comes with a special catalogue number, FBNM-H910, which is a nod to the Eventide H910 Harmonizer - a pitch shifter that generates obscure melodies and that was used extensively on the two tracks here.

A side 'Lower States' is a beautiful example of analogue music where you can pick out the harmonizer on the clap and on the pitch shifted delay. It's a raucous, off beat house track with gloopy synths, acid rumbles and plenty of malfunctioning machine sounds all sounding pleasingly rough and ready.

On the flipside, 'Lowest Sun' expertly samples a vocal from Larry Levan's mix of Jaki's 'Sun Sun Sun' and buries it in a supple deep house arrangement that oozes warmth, soul and has a perfectly grumbling bassline.

Once again, this is a hugely considered and beautifully assembled package that more than separates FBNM from the crowd.