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Illum Sphere - Illum Sphere Remixed
12" Vinyl
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Illum Sphere

Illum Sphere Remixed

Fat City

Released: 18th May 2012 | 5 track trip-hop ep

Illum Sphere employs a stellar cast from some the most prescient producers working today to remix a selection of his previously released material.
Most of those on remix duty are long time friends of Illum's Hoya:Hoya clubnight/label and Kidkanevil, who takes on Agent White, certainly embodies the eclecticism upon which Hoya and Illum Sphere thrive. A bass heavy rethink switches effortlessly from Pharell esque lo-slung hip-hop to tightly regimented breaks without losing any momentum. Next is a very rare remix outing from the impeccable Dabrye, neck cracking drums combine with swollen synths and a jagged bassline to revamp An Old Escape ( Kill The Kill)' in classic Detroit fashion. The much feted Hyperdub alumni Ikonika steps up the pace, warming up and smoothing over the looseness of Illum's original with a spiralling 4x4 take on Chasing The Midnight MothFollowing a release on Hoya:Hoya's latest 12, Om Unit comes with a masterfully crafted remix of Never Lie Twice, working with a 2006-esque serving of bass weight and some intelligent drum programming that builds steadily across a superlative 4 minute movement. Finishing up is Scumbag's remix of One For Dimlite, taken from Illum's 2010 EP 'The Plan Is Dead'. Scumabg is one of the producers behind Seattle's Crimekillz who normally drop more roughed up styles. Here he shreds the original parts working a dreamlike feel with ethereal vocals and plucked chords falling away to reveal rolling hats and stumbling drums in a sublimely strong piece.