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Waajeed - The War LP - EP1
12" Vinyl
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The War LP - EP1

Fat City

Released: 15th June 2009 | 6 track ep
Fat City release Waajeed presents The War LP, a collection of new & exclusive tracks from the Bling 47 extended family including PPP, Invincible, Tiombe Lockhart, Ta'Raach & J Dilla. All tracks on the album are produced by Waajeed along with two tracks co produced by Tiombe Lockhart. Even though the album includes the same supporting cast as Triple P its style is distinctly different. The War LP is firmly rooted in hip hop ethics and in many places the sound owes more to the genres of cinematic soundtrack and psych than to soul and R&B. This is the first of two EPs featuring six tracks selected from the full album. The EP features Bombs Away a 100% hiphop joint in the shape of a Terminator X tribute from Waajeed featuring both Ta'Raach and Invincible, a burning piece of soulful cinematic psych with Tiombe Lockharts O Bloody Days, an awesome dancefloor orientated instrumental from Waajeed including purely constructed from countless James Brown samples and Tron Waajeed's now classic slice of downbeat detroit techno.