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Illum Sphere - Incoming E.P
12" Vinyl
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Illum Sphere

Incoming E.P

Fat City

Released: 1st June 2009 | 5 track trip-hop single
WAREHOUSE FIND! LAST 75 COPIES IN THE WORLD!! Incoming EP is the debut release from Illum Sphere aka Ryan Hunn, featuring five tracks fusing the styles and influences of dubstep, detroit techno, leftfield hiphop and electronica. The tone is set with Hyper, an extra bass heavy dubbed out slice of downbeat techno layered with crackles and dirt in healthy measures. Incoming buzzes and whirrs with robotic keys, broken up by crisp, whiplike drums. Next up, Murky has a hip hop feel combining submerged synth and sonics with sombre organ, a cow bell led breakbeat and a cut up, clipped snare drum. On the flip Too Much moves into dubstep territory with a steppers rhythm and sub-lowend The track is punctuated by stabs that sound like escaping gas and filled out with rewound vocal effects and twisted melodica like sounds. Too Much is a remix of a track by Dozen, an up & coming Brighton based producer. The session is rounded off by Kaleidoscope, a more sedate piece driven by deep toms and soft snare intertwined with swirling, sinister keys and augmented by ethereal violin parts.