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Nymad - 3 Ways to Cure a Soul


3 Ways to Cure a Soul

Finest Ego

Released: 18th May 2018 | 6 track downtempo ep

For me, these tracks are about progression and moving forward. A recurring theme in my music, and something which I believe in, is the significance in the number 3: Everything has a beginning, a middle, and ending; the past, present, future; mind, body, and soul. Like so, this EP is a collection of anecdotes which have inspired me in the last year or so to grow and adapt to changes in life.

His latest release on Finest Ego has been his most fulfilling work to date, encompassing his favourite instruments and influences into a project which displays a broad range of sentiments, all of which he has cultivated as an artist and crafted into the 3 Ways To Cure a Soul.