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Hail Social - philly digs hail social EP
12" Vinyl
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Hail Social

philly digs hail social EP

Flamin Hotz

Released: 25th January 2010 | 6 track leftfield/idm album
For Flamin Hotz 11 we dug deep in the back yard of Philadelphia to bring you a remix package of all up and coming producers for a band that has been on the brink of indie stardom. Hail Social hailing from Philadelphia have played all over the East Coast and supported Interpol national and Autumn City on a Europe stint. The album Modern Love and Death was a local smash with these electro pop tunes getting indie radio support and lots of love in the club. Flamin Hotz partnered with Hail Social to bring together some other local talents to get the Philadelphian spin. Designer Drugs starts the record off with a smashing remix of Heaven which found its way on Franki Chan's iheartcomix scion sampler. Crimp Your Hair Dj's turn All Night into a Electro dance floor filler which was a staple late night Transit party starter. The Ep rounds out with Kilroy flipping One U Love into a nu disco dance odyssey. The flip starts with the don of the Book Warehouse Benny Brows flipping All Night into a rock and soul floor stomper. Turbostation comes in with a late night hands up deep groove remix of Cherry Cola Funk that starts every after party off right. With the ep ending with Plastic Little's wonder producer Squid bringing the crazy bits and pieces together on his remix of The Fall. Flamin Hotz Records is small forward thinking independent record company focused on releasing next level dance music. Previous releases have included everything from Baltimore Club, Electro, Baile Funk, Hip Hop,House, Tukky Bass, Kuduro and anything that makes the party get sweaty. Flamin Hotz has seen fifteen vinyl releases in 3 years with over 30 different artists. Flamin Hotz blends quality dance music with quality packaging and trendsetting design aesthetics.