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Rcmp - Rcmp EP
12" Vinyl
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Rcmp EP

Flamin Hotz

Released: 25th January 2010 | 6 track leftfield/idm album
RCMP is the creation of DJ Apt One and Relative Q. They make dance music for those who yearn to be unpretentious and animalistic creatures of the discotheque. DJ Apt One, Philadelphia DJ and member of Philadelphyinz, joined with Pittsburgh's Relative Q in the Spring of 2008 to assemble several remixes. Ultimately, the two saw a mutual understanding of the visceral power of the musical bond between Cold War Europeans and their robot slaves. Studio experimentation led them to record Mustache Love, a track which brought a symphony of synths, conga players and strings to bear in a classic, but forward-thinking compositional style. Soon, the sound infiltrated some of the most influential discothèques in the world. Babies were conceived to this song. Their collaboration produced the body of work that is now known as the RCMP EP. Notable for it sophistication (Mustache Love), its cathartic emotional content (Ibiza, PA), its soaring grandiosity (The Bird AKA Ignition) and its brain-melting infectiousness (USA Groove), RCMP has been leaving dance floors aglow in pheremones, sweat and love. Epic remixes from New York's Pumpkin Patch and Cousin Cole fill out the record. HERE IS WHAT SOME PEOPLE ARE SAYING: RCMP is really that ultra next step of authentic dance shit. No contrived business here - these dudes are tapped into the boogie groove for real. This is dance floor murder at its finest. -Cosmo Baker (The Rub) Yo! RCMP is the sound! -Pocketknife (Flagrant Fowl / Tambourine Dream) Boogiedisco that's got flavours of everything from Ibiza bigrooms, African conga rhythms and Kraftwerk synths and vocoders. Dancefloor mania for sure. If you haven't listened to this, I really suggest you do. Clearly these dudes love this style of music and it comes across. I'm REALLY looking forward to the record. -Emynd (Unruly Records / White Tees White Belts) [The Bird AKA Ignition] is a totally gorgeous disco-based (progressive) dancefloor killer which feels like a breeze of fresh air, sitting somewhere in between italo-disco and progressive house. Make sure to check this out -big tune! Put RCMP way up high in your 2009 watch-list. -Discodust 'The Bird' is one those perfect tracks that links electro to disco. RCMP has hit gold with this one, and I imagine it will do well late into the night.