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Dwizz - Party Music EP
12" Vinyl
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Party Music EP

Flamin Hotz

Released: 1st February 2010 | 6 track alternative rap/hip-hop album
Welcome to Philly: where Party Music reigns supreme. Take a walk down the block and you can't escape it. From block party to birthday party, kids as young as 4 & 5 years old are dancing and wu tanging better than you. DJ's in the city have pushed the pitch up on Bmore records for a more aggressive sound so Philly kids can battle out their problems on the dancefloor and during roller skate jamz. From sunup to sundown, street corners are packed with kids wu tanging to tracks that they just downloaded that day from producers still in high school. Party Music, from South Philly native Dwizz, epitomizes this local sound. When Dwizz isn't making headlines in the paper for South Philadelphia High School's football team the Rams, he is banging out brand new Party Music tracks in his bedroom. Local kids hang outside his window practicing their moves for next weeks parties to Dwizz's newest anthem. The Party Music EP is a collection of tracks that have been getting steady burn all summer long in Philadelphia clubs, block parties, roller skating jamz and birthday parties these tracks are literally street bangers. From the club anthem Salt, Pepper, Ketchup and Hot Sauce to the reworking of Mims on I'm Hot or the straight wu-tang battle track Let's Go Girl these are the tracks that no dance floor can escape. Go South Philadelphia football rams!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh no doubt...i be rocking (Dwizz) tracks at all the jams...he's waaay ahead of the rest of the kids coming up in philly. Its ya man DJ Tameil (unruly records/ Brick City Club) Dwizz has set the bar sky high for Philly kids with his particular brand of party music. With his productions hittin as hard as they do at such an early stage in the game, I can only imagine how amazing his output will sound for years to come. Philly is finally on the map! - Dirty South Joe / DJ Deluxx (G13 Sound)