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Baker Brothers - Hear No Evil
CD Album

Baker Brothers

Hear No Evil

Fish Legs Records

Released: 17th November 2014 | 13 track funk album

Full of renewed attitude, The Baker Brothers are back with a new album for 2014. The band has spent the past year working on this latest project, which features the same line-up as the 2011 release Time to Testify. Hear No Evil is a fine collection of Soul Music infused with elements of Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop and R&B. The group road tested this material on their latest tour of Japan earlier this year and received an overwhelmingly great response.

The Album grew from a creative collaboration between the 5 members of the group. Ideas were worked through, refined, rehearsed and sometimes discarded. With spirit and excitement about the music, it took a year of working Individually and collaboratively to produce this final collection of songs. The result shows us that once again The Baker Brothers can creatively and successfully weave their signature horn hooks through heavy disco bass lines, classy synths, boogallo guitars, and intricate driving grooves.

With one critic comparing this to Average White Band at their best Hear No Evil offers danceable classics, lyrical melodies and poignant lyrics.

"The band that is big in Japan delivers another fine album."
Sean Smith, Tokyo Jazz Notes
"This will no doubt place them in exalted circles,they're back and punchy as hell!"
Blues & Soul Magazine
"It’s a brilliant effort full of the right vibes…… great work from the band…. I love it!"
Nicola Conte
"Serving up funky treats for your feet’s! The boys are back !"
Shawn Lee
"I like it!"
Jason Rebello
"Great Stuff!"