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Baker Brothers - New Way of Thinking

Baker Brothers

New Way of Thinking

Fish Legs Records

Released: 20th October 2014 | 4 track funk single

The Baker Brothers are proud to release the first single New Way Of Thinking from their upcoming album Hear No Evil.

Long standing leaders of the UK funk scene, The Baker Brothers have never been affected by trends in the genre and continue to write true and unique music. Their sound is a distinctive blend of jazz, funk, hip-hop and soul, carefully crafted over years of experience. Their signature hooks are born from their uncanny ability to continually sound fresh and new in a genre that can be plagued with copy cats. Hot on the heels of their ninth sold out tour of Japan, The Baker Brothers continue to re-define themselves at the forefront of UK funk.

New Way of Thinking is an upbeat, punchy soul groover, with a strong lyrical message for our social and economic climate. The release boasts incredible remixes from the heavy hitting Ibibio Sound Machine and turntable master DJ Roast Beatz. The Ibibio remix brings a deep world vibe to the track whilst Roast Beatz turns the focus even more toward the message.