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Fort Knox Five - Radio Free DC
CD Album
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Fort Knox Five

Radio Free DC

Fort Knox (USA)

Released: 17th November 2008 | 16 track album
Radio Free DC is the highly anticipated debut album from Washington DC's Fort Knox Five. With an arsenal of floor rocking singles and remixes since 2003, the Fort Knox Five have the Midas touch for producing heavy hitting records. Radio Free DC pulls out all the stops delivering a record that takes the critically acclaimed 'Fort Knox Sound' to the next level. With Radio Free DC, the Fort Knox Five take things back to their roots and keep the vibe centered around the city they love, Washington DC. As the home of many pioneering artists like Marvin Gaye, Chuck Brown and Fugazi, the Fort Knox Five draw upon their city's rich musical heritage of funk, soul, punk and hip-hop for their inspiration. To help them realize their vision, the Fort Knox Five invited their closest friends from around the Nation's Cap to help them create a record that captures DC's musical diversity. Radio Free DC opens with a straight up old school party jam, 'Insight,' featuring Asheru, from the underground hip-hop group the Unspoken Heard. Asheru's intelligent rhymes set the tone for the record … music with a meaning, party with a purpose, being smart with the art makes the average folk nervous… Long time co-conspirator, Mustafa Akbar, then takes center stage on the album's unifying anthem, 'Funk 4 Peace.' Showcasing their indie rock roots with a heavy dose of Funk and Soul, the Fort Knox Five enlist Ian Svenonius (from DC Hardcore's Nation of Ulysses and The Make Up) to proclaim step-by-step instructions on 'How to Start a Band'. Venturing deep into the heart of DC's Jamaican Underground, the Fort Knox Five collaborate with Rootz and Zeebo from See-I, as well as the unrivaled, mic-specialist, Sleepy Wonder to deliver three of the album's ragga fueled future classics, 'Killa Sound Boy,' 'The Wonder Strikes Again' and 'Not Gonna Take It'. With Radio Free DC, the Fort Knox Five unleash their new campaign to shake the foundations of the establishment with 12 songs that inspire, incite and unite our generation to Funk 4 Peace! This October, let your voice be heard - cast your vote for 'FK5 in '08!'