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Ensemble 0 - Ensemble 0 Plays Eight Compositions and It Lasts 38:36

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Ensemble 0

Ensemble 0 Plays Eight Compositions and It Lasts 38:36


Released: 19th October 2018 | 8 track ambient album

Ensemble 0 is a band who plays the compositions by its members and music by other living composers. The members can change according to each project. The founding members live in France (Joël Merah), Spain (Stéphane Garin) and Belgium (Sylvain Chauveau), with a rotating set of musicians from Western Europe. In 2016 a section of ensemble 0 has been created in Brussels featuring Florent Garnier, Jean-François Brohée, and Chauveau. This trio has spent one and a half year composing new acoustic pieces, playing them live, recording and mixing them. This is the music for this album on flau: 8 tracks with percussion, harmonium, ebows and guitar, with the addition of Thomas Jean Henri (aka Cabane) and Antoine Pasqualini (aka Monolithe Noir) as guests.

The original idea of the Brussels section of ensemble 0 was to create an acoustic repertoire with few instruments, so that all the equipment could be carried to perform the music anywhere (in the street, in parks, in appartments and in music venues). Finally a few touches of electricity have been added on the album with the presence of Antoine Pasqualini's modular synth.

"regenerative ambience that bounds with lightness and beauty and sweetness and peace"
Tiny Mix Tapes
"Music that's immediately attractive and persistently elusive"
"A single cocoon of deep, solitary introspection"
ATTN: Magazine
"Diese Musik ist einfach da, benötigt keinen Überbau, keine Theorien, keine Erklärungen"
"0 continue to demonstrate how much there is still left to be done with melody and rhythm. A masterclass in just sounding enough"
Fluid Radio
"A poetic purity to the arrangements and compositions that's strongly appealing"
"This slow and quiet material may take some time to yield up its secrets, but it has accuracy and clarity"
The Sound Projector