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Zen - Full Effect Remixes


Full Effect Remixes

Flip Audio

Released: 1st February 2010 | 2 track jungle/drum 'n' bass single
After the success of the last release on Flip Audio, which featured the combined efforts of two of the hottest jump up producers on the scene, they're back to do battle one again! Crystal Clear from the Playaz camp and Flip Audios very own Zen bag one side each, but this time they go to work on the track which kicked the label off in spectacular style back in 2008 'Full Effect'! Crystal Clear steps up first and gets straight down to business with frantic drums and the full effect vocal sample racing to the drop. Watch out for the cheeky false drop on this one as CC strips things right back with a nod to the old skool before going in for the kill. Taking the riff from the original and ripping it apart Crystal Clear stamps his style all over this wicked track, turning in another huge remix. So with Crystal Clear setting the pace, up steps Zen to rework one of his hottest tracks of the past 18 months, and he doesn't disappoint. Killer trademark Zen beats slice through the speakers building to the drop. Zen keeps thing rolling reworking the original bass riff into a hypnotic melody before breaking the trance and getting down and dirty!