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Drumattic Twins - Twister
12" Vinyl
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Drumattic Twins


Finger Lickin

Released: 17th May 2011 | 2 track breaks single
It’s just like our lot to wait a year before releasing their next single then not only coming up with 2 killer tracks, but also managing to get them licensed, do 2 remixes AND write some music for TV. Typical! Nick and Lanx (better known as the Drumattic Twins) have been busy boys of late. Not only have they just delivered 2 of the hottest tracks of the year for your listening pleasure, they have just completed a remix for breakbeat mates SPLITLOOP (Against The Grain) as well as popular act PETER PAUL (Splank! Records). They have also just completed the theme music for new BBC TV show “No Waste Like Home†and “Twister†is featured on brand new computer game “Wipeout Pureâ€.