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Stereo 8 - Stamina (feat. MC Jakes)
12" Vinyl
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Stereo 8

Stamina (feat. MC Jakes)

Finger Lickin

Released: 17th May 2011 | 2 track breaks single
Stereo 8 hail from Bristol, the town once described as the “graveyard of ambition†a corner of the United Kingdom oozing with so much talent but overshadowed by so much lack of motivation. It has been years since the band’s debut monster “Groove Diggin/Get Above Yerself†was released, at least two years since their equally successful follow up with “Can’t Stop/Flipmodeâ€; and an absolute age since their mighty popular remix of Orbital’s “One Perfect Sunriseâ€. However, Simon, Julian, and Tom have been working hard - so get ready for the return of Stereo 8!! “Stamina††What a tune! A meaty beaty manifesto of full on breaks designed only for the headstrong. “It’s the tipper it’s the damager, beats contaminate, increase the fever, food for the mind so destroy the arenaâ€. Enlisting the much sought after vocal talents of Bristol wide boy and lyricist Jakes, currently causing waves across Radio 1 thanks to his hit record 'Deep' - TC featuring MC Jakes. You will probably recognise Jakes from his vocal talents from General Midi productions or from seeing him on tour with the EZ Rollers. Finger Lickin’ are very proud to present this AA sided anthem - “Never Comin’ Back††it is the official soundtrack to the summer festivals 2006. An epic hands in the air future classic, featuring the vocals of Swedish hottie AC Henderson. It peaks, it troughs constantly running with that infection driving signature bass line that guarantees stadium success. Watch how you’ll be signing along to this crossover belter all the way to the nitrous tent!