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Plump DJs - Mad Cow
12" Vinyl
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Plump DJs

Mad Cow

Finger Lickin

Released: 17th May 2011 | 1 track breaks single
Whilst we wait with bated breath for the fruits of their labours, the Plumps are showing us some love with the exclusive digital release of set favourite ‘Mad Cow’. Legendary on the dance-floor at their club night, Eargasm, ‘Mad Cow’ is gaining cult status across the country. From the first time it was dropped by the duo, the track has elicited delirious responses including its very own dance craze †‘The Horn Dance’. Created by feverish fans at the Fabric night, hundreds of enraptured ravers herd in front of the DJ pit making horn signs on their heads as they moo along in unison. Now fabled by the on-line breakbeat community, the craze has spread across the country and greets Lee Rous & Andy Gardner whenever they play, leaving dance-floors in udder frenzy!