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Slyde - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Finger Lickin

Released: 18th July 2011 | 3 track breaks single
Hot on the heels of the youtube sensation ‘Sex N’ Drugs’ single comes the awesome ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’. Featuring the outstanding vocals of Jamaica’s dancehall princess Lady Posh, this record is set to truly put Slyde on the clubbing map for 2008. Lady Posh who is best known for her work on Slyde’s infectious smash ‘Vibrate to This’ returns with her booty shakin’ sassy vocals once again. She brilliantly punctuates their electro twinged music with such distinction that it positively makes you want to jerk your shoulders, wiggle your butt and blow your whistle like it’s carnival time! Posh enters the dance exclaiming “Something crazy for your speaker†and the bassline begins to weave its way through the sonic stack. She seduces the listener with her naughty flirtatious lyrics, sexual in overtones and teasing with her undertones. The track races with conviction towards the anthemic chorus “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang†the synth lines fire like sirens and the bass pulsates through your body. By now you are fully consumed by Posh, revelling in one of the world’s deadly sins. An outstanding remix comes courtesy of Pete Tong faves Twocker who are Calvertron & Will Bailey. Its been a massive beginning for Twocker who have stolen the hearts of all the radio 1 specialist shows and major dj’s worldwide. Their remix skills have run riot on CJ Bolland’s “Sugar is Sweeterâ€, Morillo’s “We Like to Move It†and Tom Day’s “Whisperâ€. As ever Finger Lickin’ have spotted the talent and brought them on board to bridge the scene in the way they have done so successfully with D.Ramirez, Micky Slim and so many others in the past.