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Plump DJs - Torque Of The Devil
12" Vinyl
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Plump DJs

Torque Of The Devil

Finger Lickin

Released: 17th May 2011 | 2 track breaks single
‘Torque of the Devil’ growls through the speakers with a conviction that seduces even the most saintly. An atmospheric and compelling soundtrack with typical Plump dancefloor appeal, the contrast of good and evil comes and licks us in the face in a way that only Lee Rous and Andy Gardner can do so well. A relentless lead synth engulfs us into the depths of the darkside then spits us onto the dancefloor with an ephemeral stairway of light drawing us away from the gurgling depths of Hades. Already in the hands of the international elite Zabelia, Pilgrem, Crystal Method, Kinobe, Icey and thoroughly road tested at many a Plump DJs tea party. On the AA we are invited to ‘Take the Weight’ and bwoy this is heavy! Electro induced beats, siren blasts and riddims to knock you off your feet. This is the sound of the underground. Thoroughbred breakbeat that triggers all the sonic responses you expect from the true pioneers of this genre. A quirky vocal “start shaking and move it all around†cuts and chops like a DJ on the fader, whilst the fat kick drum pounds and the alarm stabs ring. ‘Take the Weight’ is a meticulously engineered playground of audio assault, something that core Plump fans will no doubt be very excited to get their hands on.