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Brothers Bud - The Sting
12" Vinyl
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Brothers Bud

The Sting

Finger Lickin

Released: 17th May 2011 | 2 track breaks single
‘The Sting’ is an awesome, fat, electronic, production, it zaps and rolls its way around an anthemic riff, “Build up the Panic†is the signature vocal. A synth bassline buzzes and stabs amongst distinctly rolling rhythms, neither sitting in the breakbeat camp nor electro, just where we like it! ‘The Sting’ has been appropriately named following a freak incident where Ollie Bud accidentally brushed his hand on a highly poisonous plant in his garden. His hand had an adverse reaction and swelled up to the size of a balloon, horrifically resulting in a series of emergency hospital operations. The tune itself has the venom of the sting and the bite of a Triffid †watch out! On the flip, ‘Remedy’ most certainly has all the trademark ingredients of a Finger Lickin’ tune. It originally started as a congo rhythm that was pitched down and eventually became the bassline. Finger clicking, disco stabs, and cowbells, laced with fat drums and dreamy house vocals make this an essential addition to the ever-expanding Brother’s Bud armoury. ‘Remedy’ prompted so many enquiries during the Bud’s dj sets that they simply had to share the bomb †Enjoy!