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Plump DJs - Shifting Gears

Plump DJs

Shifting Gears

Finger Lickin

Released: 18th July 2011 | 2 track breaks single
The Plump DJs have firmly remained top of their game, the recent spate of releases from them only further strengthening their reputation as leaders of the pack. So what better timing than to hand over the controls to arguably their biggest rivals, none other than the consistently brilliant Stanton Warriors. ‘Shifting Gears’ is a stand out track from the Plump’s recent long player Headthrash. Riddled with dj trickery this remix is already creating fever pitch amongst fans, it has fast become a ‘must have tune’. A fusion of funk riffs, urgent disco stabs and hip hop vocals driven by one of the Stanton Warrior’s trademark basslines. The sweet melodic voice of UK artist Niara perfectly compliments US rapper Raphael Lamotta’s peak time style to create something rather special. In Australia the original album version has already been play listed on national radio Triple J. Now with another bullet in the Plump’s armoury they are set for even bigger success. On the flip is the extended remix of ‘Rocket Soul’ which has proven to become one of the most popular tracks from Headthrash. Heavy and epic, positive and optimistic, ‘Rocket Soul’ has the classic signature Plump sound from start to finish. Reminiscent of their hugely successful ‘System Addict’ this AA side engulfs us into the depths of the dark side. It spits us onto the dance floor with an ephemeral stairway of light drawing us ever closer into the brilliant minds of Lee Rous and Andy Gardener’s production talent.