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A. Skillz - Happiness (feat. Krafty Kuts & Beadyman)

A. Skillz

Happiness (feat. Krafty Kuts & Beadyman)

Finger Lickin

Released: 18th July 2011 | 3 track beats & breaks single
Hand clappin’, foot tappin’, knee slappin’…. Mr. A-Skillz presents the latest hot nugget from Finger Lickin’. ‘Happiness’ is collaboration with south coast superstar DJ, Krafty Kuts. Sunshine sounds that swing a punch at the credit crunch whilst the world slips into recession, ‘money won’t bring happiness’. Could this be the anthem to save us from national meltdown? Funky brass stabs, jazzy keys and hand clappin beats make this an instant hit, already proven so at A-Skillz’s sell-out shows and championed by Radio 1’s Annie Mac. On the flip, A-Skillz has hooked up with beatbox legend BeardyMan who recently performed in front of Al Gore alongside Wyclef Jean and Will.I.Am at a computer convention in the States. A long night locked in the studio with a case of shandys and the dynamic duo came up with this fun-tastic JB inspired groove. All vocal dexterity comes courtesy of one man’s mouth and another’s nifty talents on his laptop.