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Drumattic Twins - Don't Be So Drummatic

Drumattic Twins

Don't Be So Drummatic

Finger Lickin

Released: 18th July 2011 | 3 track beats & breaks single
The latest release from Finger Lickin alumni the Drumattic Twins is the first single to be taken from their forthcoming long player ‘Hammer & Tongs’, out in Spring ’09, and it’s sounding rather tasty indeed. Nick and Lanx have always been an integral part of dance music history; in their early carnation as Shades of Rhythm they ruled the land with anthems such as ‘Sweet Sensation’ and ‘Sound of Eden’ and in more recent times they have established a worldwide fanbase as the Drumattic Twins. Seminal tracks like ‘Feelin’ Kinda Strange’ and ‘Hyperspeed’ have earned them accolades but now they are about to unleash their finest work to date. Kicking off with ‘Don’t Be So Drumattic’ - the ‘not so’ gangster vocals add a comical twist to this distinctively Drumattic production. Urgent strings set the pace for the kick, snare, squelch-athon, whilst the old school D-Shake strings play tribute to their rave roots. Next up the ‘Sound of The Drum’ grabs the reigns like a jockey riding a winning stallion to the finishing line; a relentless bassline, gated synth and chopped up hip house vocals drive this mother all the way. Finally we get treated to ‘Under The Lights’ a true taste of their forthcoming album. Ooozing with funk, confident like a classic and peaking on the vibe-ometer at plus 10, the uplifting string breakdown sooths the soul and makes us yearn for just one more E!