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Plump DJs - Eargasm
CD Album
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Plump DJs


Finger Lickin

Released: 1st June 2003 | 13 track breaks album

Lee Rous and Andy Gardner aka the Plump DJs, have created a sound that has brought breakbeat to the forefront of today's dance scene. Their debut mix album A Plump Night Out on Finger Lickin' Records was the biggest selling breaks album to date. Their recent Fabric Live compilation was the biggest seller in the series and the Elastic Breaks cover-mount CD with Mixmag sold more copies than any other issue. So now, the Plump DJs consolidate that success with the release of their debut album Eargasm - the year's most eagerly awaited record. Eargasm takes breakdriven music to the next level. It encapsulates everything that make the Plump DJs tick featuring collaborations with Lou Robinson (Lamb), jazz maestro Eddie Bo and 80's pop legend Gary Numan with samples from Kool and the Gang and Terence Trent D'Arby. Eargasm's appeal is not solely restricted to the breaks fanatic - it has the potential to satisfy anyone with a love for brilliant electronic music. In March 2003, the Plump DJs released a limited edition double pack that featured a taste of things to come. This much sought-after record received countless accolades, rave reviews and prime-time radio play.

"Album of the year"
Editor, Mixmag
"The bar has been raised 10/10"
Editor, DJ Mag