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DJ Patrick King - La Bestia Pop

DJ Patrick King

La Bestia Pop

Fly Beat Music

Released: 2nd March 2009 | 3 track electropop single
Julian Aznar's obsession with New Wave and Synthpop inspired him to translate his production skills into interpretations of songs by cult Argentinean rock band Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota – as DJ Patrick King. The first release on Fly Beat Music - La Bestia Pop, has been getting support from DJ's such as Dead Disco Drivers and radio air play in Argentinea, Greece and internet. La Bestia Pop is a track with beats reminiscent of danceable New Wave party outfit the B-52's and Synthpop that could quite happily sit somewhere between Daft Punk's Discovery and Air's Sexy Boy. The brilliance of La Bestia Pop is finished off in Spanish with vocoded singing. Driven by a respect for high speed breakbeats, deep bass and atmospheric sounds, DJ Enfusion turns over a deep Jungle remix of La Bestia Pop which progresses into a rhythm heavy sci-fi styled track, with clever, off center fills. Having recognition on BBC Radio 1xtra, his debut EP coming out on Cadence Recordings and support from DJ Rap, DJ Enfusion was the perfect choice to create a different yet complementing remix.