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Switchblade - Heart Attack


Heart Attack

Fly Beat Music

Released: 6th April 2009 | 2 track rave single
Growing up in Glasgow Switchblade has taken all the energy of his home town's Rave scene and applied it to his music, with influences such as 808 State, Awesome 3 and Nu Matic all showing through and bringing in all the most popular sounds from back in the day, dancing piano's, ragga hooks, hi-pitched female vocals, dirty grinding bass lines and rolling breakbeats together to form a huge up-lifting party track. FOr the remix DNMEJ has soaked up the sounds of Big Beat and applied his tastes for mad hooks and samples to the more hype sounds of Club Music popular in his haunt of Miami, FL. DNMEJ is only 18 and already churning out big party tracks and mash-ups by the dozen. Pulling in the hooks of the original and layering bastardised leads over the marching beat, the DNMEJ remix brings you up until it twists back down into a slow tempo build up, teasing you slightly with a faux drop that doubles up the impact of the real thing towards the climax of the tune. Both are reviewed in iDJ and with support from Cut La Roc, Pete Jordan, Loop Da Ville, Mike Lennon and plays on NuSkoolBreaks Radio, Rough Tempo Radio and BRAP FM. Also look out for a DJ Jonny Blaze remix coming on special release EP soon.
"Second release on this promising label, and they continue where they left off with some rather interesting beats. DNMEJ adds further excitement 8/10"
Pete Jordan, iDJ