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2 Bit Thugs - Drama

2 Bit Thugs


Fly Beat Music

Released: 7th September 2009 | 3 track breaks single
So far receiving 9/10 in iDJ magazine, 2 Bit Thugs mash-up the genre boundaries even more with their debut Fly Beat Music track – Drama. Drama fuses tough crunk beats with wub bass running at breakneck drum and bass speed to create and energetic stoner of a half-step monster. Taking full advantage of the modern boundary less club scene the Thugs have created a tune that characterise everything that's great about Hip-Hop/Drum and Bass/Dubstep/Breaks/Fidget…. I could go on. If you play just one particular style, or a multitude, this track works wonders in either case, and if you prefer a static tempo, we've slotted in 2 heavy remixes for you too. Major Havoc comes hot on the heels of his stupidly fresh debut release on Fly Beat Music. Scoring a commendable 4/5 in DJ Mag, he splatters the same hip rave brush at his take on Drama bringing the tempo down (or up) for a more contemporary mid-tempo rave-up. DJ Enfusion drops the drum and bass tempo to 150bpm and moves into J-Tek territory. Being from Coventry DJ Enfusion is no stranger to the laws of the jungle and his deep bass, spacious sound and tight drum editing makes for a fully law abiding groover to finish off an all-round immense package.
"Half time madness, rapidly emerging 2 Bit Thugs, this is a tune that you must have, It might just be a revelation to your crowd! Big up Fly Beat. 9/10"
Pete Jordan, iDJ