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Crazymilk - Crazymilk Project 1


Crazymilk Project 1


Released: 11th February 2013 | 3 track folk pop single

A gentle touch of a cute girl, making delicacies for her lover!

And a deep loving gaze of the lovers!

This refreshing song is made for lovers - specially tailored to make you feel warm and bring smile to your face!

The word 'Cook' in the lyric has a dual meaning –

in English, it's the action of making foods

and in Korean, it is an echoic word that imitates the sound of mildly-poking a loving person.

With a cute melody line and a heart-warming acoustic instrumental sound, this song will definitely make you warm in the heart.

Crazymilk Project (Jeong Jae-Eun)

GALAXY Note, SK-2 , Cesco, Asiana Air , Innisfree, Samsonite, Artistry,SK Telecom,

Jeong, Jae-Eun is a well-recognized advertising music director in Korea with her skills and talent.

Her new song reflects well her unique and creative sense of style.