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The Winter's Waltz

Modo Record

Released: 22nd April 2013 | 1 track electropop single

Adult-boy's innocence and sophistication to coexist Korean singer-songwriter PLATE!

The winter, evoke fantastic memories that were released single The Winter's Waltz

PLATE is self-producer of various genre (electronic, soul-music, ballad & acid jazz etc.) who can Lyricist, composer, arranger, record, mix, and all the production process.

The Winter's Waltz

This song is so sweet to long for the winter that was happy with love.

When you listen to this song, you can be lost in memories with your love and be able to feel dreamlike and pure love. Especially, accompaniment of walts style in the middle of the song creates more a fantastic atmosphere.

Let's hope that the expressive power of his music make him more famous.