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Mari's Story - 1st Episode

Mari's Story

1st Episode

VFR Entertainment

Released: 6th May 2013 | 2 track vocal-pop single

The sweet episode of Mari on one warm spring day, 2013

Two musicians who want to communicate with the public through their music above all else were destined to meet.

'The story of Mari'is intended to touch a sensibility ofthe public carefully

with this album that widely includes fresh senses of 20s to 30s as well as various senses of 30s to 40s

and shows its aspiration to create a new genre staying its popularity.

The producer, Rider Joeng, who produced this album, has many years of the artist's career with various musicians

and, while interacting with many artists,has discovered the singer 'Mari' who has the fresh and unique voice.

Mari is a proven singer who has steadily played as a main vocal of Gavy Queens and H7.

She who has a talent for assimilating various genres beyond popular music will always please her audience with her colorful voice.

'ConPanna' is a song like a con panna topped with whipped cream on a bitter espresso that creates a sweet and tender feeling as if

we who were tired of living relax sitting comfortably in a sunny coffee shop and closing our eyes in the drowsy afternoon.

It would make you feel the tender lyrics as well as her distinctive and refreshing vocal tone.

'cookcook' tells the cute propose of couple who want to start everything from daily trivia together,

with easy melodies ringing in our ears.

It is a pretty song began from the thought that breakfast with a lover would be happier than any difficult proposes.