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Crazymilk - Crazymilk: Healing In Spring


Crazymilk: Healing In Spring


Released: 3rd June 2013 | 3 track new age acoustic ep

* A Healing Project for this Spring, by Crazymilk

* Soft spring sunshine and a warm breeze bring you this song - for your mind and body healing journey.

New album's title track goes through a story of two lovers – their first day, 100th day, 1st anniversary, and today.

It's about how their love gets deeper and the two 'soak' more and more into each other as time goes.

Together with a beautiful piano arrange and sweet vocal humming by Jeongeun Lee, this song is ready to make you feel romantic.

is an instrumental track of Crazymilk's hit, .

As was with , this piano track is both refreshing and heart-warming.

Start a healing journey, enjoy the spring, and feel your heart getting warmed with this song.