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Lim Woojin - Sunny Out Again

Lim Woojin

Sunny Out Again

Keobeom Culture

Released: 5th August 2013 | 1 track folk pop single

A Korean singer song writer. He's been performing acoustic music on Hongdae scene since 2010. His first digital single album was released in 2012. He sings about delicate feelings of everyday life with a calm voice. Sunny Out Again In early 2010, I heard a friend of mine griping about how his new office job occupies him completely, leaving him no time to be outside while the sun is up. The only way for him to interact with the sun, he said, was through sheets of glass and metal. During my childhood and early youth, there was this designated section for weather in my diary. When I could not come up with anything to write about a day, I simply filled in the weather section with things like 'cloudy', 'thunder with shower', and most frequently, 'sunny out again'. My friend's grumble reminded me of that weather comment section in my diary. When hardships from adulthood and cherished memories of childhood came together under this one nostalgic phrase, sunny out again, I was inspired to write a song.