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Attack DK

Beyond the Window


Released: 7th October 2013 | 10 track progressive/tribal house album

Attack DK is composed of 2 members. One has been working as a sound designer in Korea, the other has been an electronic producer in the state. They get together to pursue strong interaction through their unique sound and methods. Sound is very masculine and massive, however it delivers positive emotion and message. 2 types of methods - Live set performance and Djing - enable more powerful conversation with audience.

Am I still pretending happy and nice to the others? I already know 'Other Side of me' is 'Out of Control'. Feeling exhausted and frustrated to the world. But I try to seek escape from this darkness. There must be 'Sunny Side'. Don't think it's an 'Illusion' that I want. It is definitely exists 'Beyond the Window'. Try to refresh myself not to lose my desire of future. Go out, 'Take A Train' and draw what you imagine of happy 'Tomorrow'. Drag out my energy and enthusiasm. Scream 'Sparta!' It gives something positive, that you even know, to the 'Next Generation'. Now, 'Attack DK is Born'