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Mou - Mou Ballad Project 4


Mou Ballad Project 4


Released: 24th February 2014 | 2 track vocal-pop single

MOU is a singer/songwriter and a producer from South Korea. His debut album Old-Fashioned, released in December 2012, made a deep impression with his unique sound and attractive voice. Aside from the debut album, MOU also started an another project called MOU BALLAD PROJECT. The 3rd MOU BALLAD PROJECT was released in November 2013. In this project, MOU tries to work with talented but yet hidden vocalists as a producer. In the 4th project, MOU produced Poison love with Yuna Lee. When she was a child, she was traind Korean traditional song genre, Pansori and also she was trained contemporary pop style vocal in Dongduk Women's universitry. In this track, MOU tried to blend both of her experiences. Poison love is a song about a girl who was lovelorn by a very cold-hearted guy. It's a very interesting point of view how Yuna Lee express this emotion by her unique vocal sound.