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Vafee - Vafeetv; Beer & Cello (New Edit)


Vafeetv; Beer & Cello (New Edit)


Released: 26th May 2014 | 1 track house single

Electronic producer Vafee's new single Beer&Cello(New Edit) is released.

This song is a little bit gloomy but exciting club party track.

As you know in the title, cello which is thought that it doesn't harmonize with electronic music is used in this song and it makes this song novel.

Cello sound is made in dirty so it is harmonized well in the song without awkwardness.

The highlight part that appears with the can opening sound after playing cello is very attractive. Cello plays the melody line of the part that bass isn't played.

This song tries to show pursuing something special, challenge, and new.