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The Nucleus - With You

The Nucleus

With You

JCM Music

Released: 10th February 2014 | 1 track pop single

After nearly two years since their debut album [The Heaven], The Nucleus is due to re-emerge with their new single [With You] on this January the 15th. This long-awaited albums feature five songs in total, four of which were individually sung by lead vocals of this band, and one as a group.

With You – This song was written with a hope to instill faith in those who are going through times of personal despair, sorrow and misery, to whom life feels hard and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It was both written and sung by Woo-Seok Sim after feeling inspired by a song he came across on TV called 'Let's try it' composed and written by famous contemporary songwriter named Hee-Yul Yoo. The central message this song hopes to convey is that we are never alone. When we look back on difficult times in our lives, there have always been others by our side lending us a hand, shedding light and lifting us up, and this song hopes to remind us of this fact and encourage us not be afraid to take others' hands and walk through this journey together. The serene and solitude melody from the piano and honest lyric add sincerity to this music.