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The Nucleus - To Flow

The Nucleus

To Flow

JCM Music

Released: 10th February 2014 | 1 track pop single

After nearly two years since their debut album [The Heaven], The Nucleus is due to re-emerge with their new single [With You] on this January the 15th. This long-awaited albums feature five songs in total, four of which were individually sung by lead vocals of this band, and one as a group. Second song [To Flow] release on the 22nd.

To Flow – Main theme of this song is that memory of our younger days does not change with time. It is not our fault that our memories cannot easily fade out, nor can it be modified or wiped out completely based on our will. The song conveys a message that often we gain greater sense of serenity and comfort through simply accepting and sitting with the memories rather than trying to control or avoid them in some ways. Carefully selected lyrics such as 'livid loneliness', 'deafening silence', 'remnants of exuberant past' speculate greater sense of angst associated with a long wait. Composed and written by Kyung-Won Lee and sung by vocalist Eun-Chong Joo, this song represents a beautiful ensemble of acoustic guitar, string quartet, and poetic lyrics invoking an image of peacefully flowing river. Woong Lee featured in the string arrangement.